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Anti-Hunger Initiatives

Who is hungry? 1 in 5 kids in Illinois. That’s 586,000 children.

Or 20 percent of your child’s classmates.

Chronic hunger affects children’s mental and physical health and results in behavioral, social and academic impairment. In Illinois, the percentage of hungry kids is higher than the national average. That is why we work so hard year-round to identify low-income, food-insecure communities where we can help alleviate this heartbreaking problem.

A lot of attention is paid to education, teachers and the importance of classroom development. We think these issues are important too. But the fact is that if a child is hungry, that child can't learn. Children don't ask to grow up in poverty, they need to be treated with dignity and they deserve the same basic right and comfort of a meal regardless of circumstance. At ICCS, we provide them this right. We also work with families and caretakers to get to the root of the problem and develop measures of self-sustainability so that our state's most vulnerable and innocent will no longer have to carry this burden. That's why we offer our Backpack Bites for Kids program!