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Community Youth Services Solutions

We help communities take action to improve job options and reduce truancy and violence among youth.


ICCS offers Community Youth Services Solutions (CYSS) to address some of the common issues that plague youth in economically disadvantaged areas state-wide. We focus on chronic truancy, youth-on-youth violence and job creation strategies to help youth and young adults ages 11-24 lead more productive lives.

ICCS forms numerous Youth Anti-Violence & Delinquency Committees with the goal of helping thousands of youth and young adults throughout Illinois. We work together with community leaders to manage accountability and sustainability.

While the overlying structure of the program can be effective from community to community, ICCS employs specialized and unique methods proprietary to our agency that have proven time and again to deliver successful results. Our staff have embarked on new, modern day community based organizing efforts aimed at implementing measures that will assist community members and youth alike to stand on their own two feet.

While we believe that the preservation of dignity is of the utmost importance, we simply don't solve problems by way of "hand outs." Real problems deserve real, long-term development and solutions and that's what we do with CYSS.