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Who We Are

We increase opportunities for independence, growth and success.

Founded in 1985, ICCS is a 501c3 nonprofit that takes a grassroots approach to providing free social services in rural and metropolitan Illinois. Our high-energy team of experts finds success in the face of challenges by adapting to change and personalizing services to the needs of the individual or community.

Over the past three decades, we have taken action to help individuals and families in more than 1,000 Illinois communities across 90 counties. We have fed hundreds of thousands of children in the state’s struggling towns and cities. We have partnered with communities to organize youth programs. We have lifted families and teens out of crisis mode. We’ve improved lives and increased opportunities for our neighbors to be more independent and successful.

And our work continues. It takes a lot to make a shift to positive momentum. When your community is ready to discover what we can do together, please let us know.